We help people and organizations be healthy.

Businesses win or lose based on the health of their organizations, their cultures and their people.

Selecting the right health engagement platform partner can make a profound difference to your business.
Quality of experience. Health trends. Culture scores.

Not all engagement is created equal.

Casual engagement, the kind you get using gamified apps and quick rewards, gets people started. But it's not enough. Meaningful, life-changing engagement is not only possible, it's imperative. And it takes more.

Life-Changing Engagement

Life fully engaged / Be your best self

Meaningful Engagement

Savvy decisions / Sustained habits / Healthier metrics

Casual Engagement

Get going / Do something (click, tap)

RedBrick delivers more. Why settle for less?

Cookie-cutter designs. Limited choice. Lack of human connection. Limited or even toxic impact on culture. You need more to move the metrics that matter.

RedBrick delivers more. More expertise. More ways to engage. More active integration. A deep bench of clinical experts in resilience, nutrition, exercise physiology, psychology, even pharmacy. Analytics-driven recommendations. A customized fit with your goals, culture and vision.

Your experience, simplified.
Your culture, amplified.

A completely customized and beautifully designed experience. A unified platform for all your benefits and local resources. Robust, high-performance technology and high-impact live services. An expert team that simplifies your life. RedBrick gives you more. And more is amazing.