Our approach

A different strategy.

Let’s face it. Traditional approaches focus too much on health care and not enough on health—too much on information and not enough on inspiring action.

At RedBrick we take a different approach: crossing emerging behavioral models with adaptive technologies to create compelling and effective consumer experiences.

We use what works, from both inside and outside of health care.


The numbers tell the story.

U.S. health care spend in 2014 is projected to exceed $3 trillion.1

If you stacked one dollar bills on top of each other, $3 trillion would nearly reach the moon.

The portion spent on chronic illnesses that are largely tied to lifestyle is estimated at over 75%.2 The cost of obesity alone is estimated at over $190 billion.3

3Cawley J, Meyerhoefer C. The medical care costs of obesity: an instrumental variables approach. Journal of Health Economics. 31(1):219-230. 2012.

Why it works

It’s about getting engaged.

At RedBrick, we’re obsessed with finding new ways to truly engage consumers.

While there’s no magic bullet, there is a winning formula. A strong, simple consumer experience and great content combined with compelling and targeted communications, choice architecture, smartly designed rewards, social network integration and data analytics.

We routinely engage 50% to 70% or more of our typical employer client population.1

1RedBrick Health book-of-business engagement results through 12/31/2012.

It’s not about personalization, or mobile access, or social networking, or incentives, or reminders.

It’s about all of that. But more importantly, it’s about blending choice with small steps, just-in-time reminders and natural social support. It’s about human help when you need it, blending high touch with high tech.

Power of habit

It’s about changing behavior.

Habits happen. We form them early and do them often.

Traditional programs often forget about the power of habits and make classic mistakes. Mistakes like assuming information automatically leads to action. Like setting big, abstract goals or blaming failure on lack of willpower. Like assuming one delivery mode works for all, or forgetting to trigger desired behaviors.

Common mistakes

What works:

  • Big, abstract goals
  • Relying on willpower
  • Blaming lack of motivation
  • Small steps
  • Relevant choices
  • Behavior “triggers”

Information adapted from B.J. Fogg, Stanford University, "Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change," http://www.slideshare.net/captology/stanford-6401325

Behavior Science

We apply the latest models in behavior change and behavioral economics to help people form new habits and shake old ones across the continuum of health and condition management.

Enabling Technology

By harnessing the very latest in technology – mobile, social, and big data – we create products that are simple, accessible and personalized in powerful new ways.

Consumer Experience

Designing for the consumer means creating experiences that are purpose-built to be simple, fun, engaging and fresh, delivered across media and modalities.

Tailored reward models

It’s about knowing the right way to use rewards.

Carrot or stick? Cash or premium reduction? Incentive or raffle? At RedBrick, we know healthy rewards.

We’ve integrated the latest in behavioral economics with broad-based, real-world experience to deliver incentive management capabilities and evidence-based models that are unrivaled in both simplicity and sophistication.

Tailored for each population and culture, our reward models can help you boost engagement.

Our platform

It’s about time. And about choice.

The RedBrick Health Behavior Change System
Until now you’ve had to choose between a traditional, comprehensive health and wellness vendor, or an innovator with cool technology and a single component solution.

Now you can have both. RedBrick offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution with interlocking components that you can deploy singly, in combination, or as entire system.

Our platform is open. Plug in your own components, or take advantage of the growing array of apps and devices we’ve certified as RedBrick Ready.

Focus on results

It’s about results.

Our most recent results show nearly a 4:1 ROI – and most of this is in health care cost reduction. That’s across all our clients, not just our best, and we measure a return after just two years of intervention vs. an industry norm of three to five years. Download our white paper to learn more.

You need to grab the reins on health care costs. You want to re-energize individual and organizational performance.

RedBrick Health Stories

Valerie – My RedBrick Health Story

Valerie remembers the day she decided to change her life and take control of her health. By using the support and resources provided by RedBrick Health, she was able to lose 40 pounds and turn her health around. And it all started with one small step.


Health Assessment

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Biometric Screening

Making it easy to know your numbers.

Health Advising

Personal support for those who need an extra nudge.

Phone Coaching

Person-to-person support within a behavior change framework.

Virtual Health Coaching

This isn’t your father’s approach to wellness.

Tracker and Challenges

Health doesn’t happen in one dimension.

Cost Transparency

The right information + the right behavior design = smarter shopping.

Program Integration

Your goals. Your programs. Your engagement hub.

Device and App Integration

More choice. More convenience. BYO data.


Putting your rewards to work for you.


Cut through the clutter. Trigger desired behavior.


Business intelligence that drives a healthier population.

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