Your world, simplified.

A consultative partner and a credible innovator. Design-driven experience and profound results. Healthier people, a healthier culture and a healthier organization. RedBrick delivers more.

One Unified Platform

Multiple Needs

Way more than a hub.

Why settle for less?

“I want everything together all in one place.”

Done. We'll build you a dynamic go-to destination that connects your benefits and resources, integrates your events and traditions, and synchronizes data from partners, wearables and devices. An engagement accelerator that drives better experience and a stronger return on your investment in benefits. And navigation that blends the digital with the human to reach more people. If that sounds simple, it is.

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A complete well-being solution.

What could be more transformative?

“My goal is to make a real difference for our company and our people.”

We love that aspiration, which is why our solution addresses all aspects of life-physical, emotional, social, financial-offering more ways to engage for people across the spectrum of health. That's how we inspire people to become their best selves. The results? Savvier healthcare decisions. Measurably improved culture scores. Lower health risks. And much more.

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Focused solutions for rising risks.

What could be more important?

“I need an approach that responds to the chronic care and emotional health needs of my people.”

RedBrick provides a single unified solution, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors and expensive point solutions that complicate your life. From chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, asthma and heart disease to emotional and behavioral issues, and costly musculoskeletal problems, RedBrick's experienced clinical team and rich content resources have you covered. And we can supercharge any existing point solutions you might have.

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Alignment with your vision and goals.

What could be more strategic?

“I'm not sure how to align our well-being initiative with our business success metrics.”

RedBrick consults with you to develop a strategic understanding of your vision and objectives. Then we work with you every step of the way, from culture-aligned design and custom performance dashboards to ongoing engagement and continuous improvement. It's a process that gets real health outcomes while helping you create a great place to work.

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We deliver solutions tailored to your industry, not an off-the-rack approach.

How else can you ensure a custom fit?

“My industry has very specific needs and requirements.”

We hear you. Whatever the size of your business, the needs of your market or the requirements of your institution, there's a RedBrick solution for you. From manufacturing to technology, from healthcare delivery to financial services, and from governments to universities, we're experts at meeting your population needs and security requirements while amplifying your culture. We even provide on-site resources to extend your reach and augment your team.

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Seeing is believing.