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We help hospitals and health systems stay healthy.

A growing number of leading health systems recognize that the road to value-based care and population health begins at home. By understanding the unique needs of health caregivers and healthcare delivery systems, we’ve developed a tailored approach to employee health and well-being that serves as a pillar of your population health strategy.

We bring it all together for you: an open, engaging platform that showcases your resources alongside our URAC accredited, NCQA certified health improvement tools, and health coaching services specially designed to meet the needs of caregivers.

Healthier employees. Healthier patients. Healthier bottom line.

At The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Matt was looking for an opportunity to find a better work-life balance. Through working with a RedBrick health coach and RedBrick Journeys, Matt was able to get active, sleep better, lower his stress and establish balance.

Healthier, more engaged employees set the stage. RedBrick offers you a roadmap to an expanded array of branded services for your community. We create the engagement tools and technologies that go beyond traditional reminders to produce broad-based population engagement and real behavior change. We boost the reach and performance of your existing programs, portals, and resources by integrating them with our powerful and open health engagement platform.

Traditional approaches to patient education and reminders aren’t enough. To improve health it takes sustained engagement and behavior change.

RedBrick’s technology and services employ a proprietary Behavior Change Framework to produce exceptional engagement and clinically significant improvements in key health indicators.

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Join leading health systems that rely on RedBrick for higher performance population health and well-being programs, more broadly engaging population health initiatives, and better preparation for value-based care delivery.

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Healthy employees drive a healthy bottom line. Traditional solutions don’t always achieve the sustained engagement required to produce broad-based results. This is where RedBrick shines.

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Looking to re-energize your member engagement, employer wellness, or medical management initiatives? RedBrick Health can help.

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