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Reinvigorating population health and well-being.

Until now you’ve had to choose. Choose a traditional, comprehensive health and wellness vendor or an innovator with cool technology and a single-component solution. Choose a high-touch, evidence-based health coaching solution or a high-tech, cutting-edge mobile, social app. Now you can have both. RedBrick offers a comprehensive and modular solution with interlocking components that you can deploy singly, in combination, or as an entire system—even blending in third-party programs, apps and devices.

It’s a system that works. A strong and simple consumer experience, compelling evidence-based yet engaging content, targeted communications and smartly designed reward models help our clients achieve exceptional engagement, beyond the health assessment. In fact, we deliver active engagement—meaningful interaction after a health assessment—in 55 percent of participants, with top performers averaging 89 percent.

But what good is engagement if it doesn’t change behavior?

Under the surface of our evidence-based population health management framework is a cutting-edge behavior change engine. We blend adaptive, individualized digital experience with social networking and live expert support when you need it. It’s an experience that’s smart, persuasive and adaptive. It actually learns and evolves over time. The bottom line? Our most recent book-of-business study showed both clinically meaningful health improvements and healthcare cost reduction.

Let’s see what we can make happen for you, together. To start, get familiar with what’s unique about our solution components, all of which get wrapped within a portal framework your participants can access via web, mobile device, or with live phone support.

Health Plans

Looking to re-energize your member engagement, employer wellness, or medical management initiatives? RedBrick Health can help.

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Health Systems

A growing number of hospitals and health systems have turned to RedBrick to improve employee health as the foundation for their community and population health strategy. We serve nearly 500,000 healthcare employees at 150 hospitals nationwide.

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