RedBrick Rally® Wellness Challenges

Creatively themed challenges and cooperation add social to health.

Games are naturally engaging. Working together can bring out our best. RedBrick Rally makes it simple for you to launch and scale games and challenges across your population. With new themes each year, Rally helps you leverage the power of social connection and gameful design to create highly visible, engaging corporate challenges.

Built around the RedBrick Track engine, Rally lets you focus a corporate challenge on an almost unlimited array of daily health goals, including moving more, eating better and living a more balanced life. Combine behaviors for a more interesting game. And take advantage of RedBrick’s network of sync partners, allowing people to participate with their favorite app or wearable device.

Tie your challenge to one of our popular campaign themes, or customize your own. Reward challenge participants financially, with a raffle prize drawing, or tie it in to your corporate social responsibility initiative by letting people compete for social good.

Seeing is believing.