RedBrick Journeys® Digital Coaching

Changing behavior, by design. Digital coaching that really works.

Forming new habits doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes smarter design. RedBrick Journeys inspire health improvement, one small step at a time. Combining personalization with active choice, Journeys combine big data, small steps and gameful design to intelligently present suggestions. Drawing from RedBrick’s extensive evidence-based rich media content, Journeys present an almost unlimited number of individual pathways to better behavior. Individual commitments are amplified through social network integration. Timely customized triggers, or nudges, arrive via mobile message or email.

Journeys cover popular topics to help people stress less, move more, eat better, sleep more soundly, maintain financial well-being and ensure a healthy pregnancy. They address chronic conditions from asthma and diabetes to pain and musculoskeletal health, eliminating the need to add costly point solutions (though our platform easily integrates them, if you do). With over a dozen topics, over 70 titles, and thousands of individual steps, Journeys offer something for everyone. And research confirms that Journeys work—producing objective biometric outcomes, as well as better behaviors.

Seeing is believing.