Live Health Coaching

Digital = good. Live + Digital = better.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to changing health habits. People do best with an individualized approach that meets them where they are and guides them to where they need to be. We call that approach person-first. It’s a comprehensive, person-centric, behavior-based primary coach model that integrates lifestyle and condition management, delivering better experience and real results.

The small-step behavior change model found within RedBrick Journeys is also fully integrated into our live coaching experience. Digital and live support are completely interwoven on a single platform—making the RedBrick approach unique.

RedBrick can take the show on the road too. For many clients, our On Site Coaching option increases accessibility and creates a visible and effective presence.

Why not give each of your people access to a deep bench of experts in resilience, nutrition, exercise physiology, stress psychology and even pharmacy. And why not give yourself a lift too, with a designated coaching team to ensure that your benefits and resources are featured, and that cross-referral pathways are active, driving a better return on your investment in benefits.

Seeing is believing.