Virtual Health Coaching

RedBrick Journeys®

This isn’t your father’s approach to wellness.

Our newest advance in digital coaching, RedBrick Journeys, provides a multi-modal approach that inspires health improvement one engaging small step at a time.

Emphasizing relevant, personalized choices, RedBrick Journeys uses adaptive technology that tailors and presents a set of recommended small steps to each participant.

As individuals commit to small steps, the system offers support through multiple platforms, including text messages, emails and phone calls.

Each journey draws on compelling and engaging game mechanics and embedded social network support to create a unique path for each individual. Journeys are designed to last a few days to a few weeks and help to reshape habits in a broad array of areas including physical activity, nutrition, weight management, stress and sleep. Journeys also help individuals better manage chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

By producing an ongoing series of new journeys as well as refining journeys based on both consumer experience and empirical evidence gathered through use, we’ve built a unique behavior change system that stays fresh for consumers and gets smarter over time.

Journeys engage. Recent analysis of a sample of over 50,000 participants found them engaging an average of two to three times each week – more than 10 times as frequently as traditional programs. The majority of participants reach specific behavioral milestones and report achieving specific health improvement goals.

Game mechanics
Taking a page out of the playbook of interactive engagement leaders, RedBrick Journeys incorporates features that reinforce use, as well as behavior. The result is a fun, interactive experience designed to keep the participant engaged and motivated.

Triggers are essential for new behaviors to happen. Built-in customizable reminders allow users to set their preferences, including timing, frequency and mode of delivery.

Market Solutions


Healthy employees drive a healthy bottom line. Traditional solutions don’t always achieve the sustained engagement required to produce broad-based results. This is where RedBrick shines.

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Health Plans

Looking to re-energize your member engagement, employer wellness, or medical management initiatives? RedBrick Health can help.

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Health Systems

A growing number of hospitals and health systems have turned to RedBrick to improve employee health as the foundation for their community and population health strategy. We serve nearly 500,000 healthcare employees at 150 hospitals nationwide.

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