RedBrick Track™

Connected Devices and Apps made easy.

For better results, individuals need tools that are more than just relevant and effective. They need to be fun, fast and simple to use. That’s where RedBrick Track comes in.

RedBrick Track is a daily wellness tracker that spans a spectrum of daily health habits: getting active, eating healthy and living well, yet takes just a minute or two per day. Track via web, tablet, mobile phone, or sync up your connected device or partner app.

RedBrick Track helps participants maintain and expand daily healthy habits by reinforcing progress and encouraging participants to establish and beat their personal best on the Daily Wellness Meter.

Track with friends
Recognizing that health behaviors are social and easily influenced by those around us, users can join with other participants to tap their natural support network and leverage the power of social-driven health.

Sync devices and apps
Simplifying the process of tracking activities, RedBrick Ready partner apps and devices enable users to easily sync data from third-party apps and devices automatically, with no need to log in to the RedBrick portal.

Establish your personal best: the Daily Wellness Meter
The Daily Wellness Meter shows participants their overall daily progress by summarizing their achievements for all three dimensions: Eat Healthy, Get Moving and Live Well. This visual representation provides a snapshot that encourages each participant to achieve and beat their personal best.

Market Solutions


Healthy employees drive a healthy bottom line. Traditional solutions don’t always achieve the sustained engagement required to produce broad-based results. This is where RedBrick shines.

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Health Plans

Looking to re-energize your member engagement, employer wellness, or medical management initiatives? RedBrick Health can help.

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Health Systems

A growing number of hospitals and health systems have turned to RedBrick to improve employee health as the foundation for their community and population health strategy. We serve nearly 500,000 healthcare employees at 150 hospitals nationwide.

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