Putting your rewards to work for you.

Carrot or stick? Cash or premium reduction? Results or progress? Incentive or raffle?

At RedBrick, we know healthy rewards. We started out by helping organizations re-align the health care financing model around principles of fairness and accountability.

We’ve since integrated the latest in behavioral economics with broad-based, real-world experience to deliver incentive management capabilities and evidence-based models that are unrivaled in both simplicity and sophistication.

We deliver rewards models that are unrivaled in both simplicity and sophistication.

Tailored for each population and culture, our reward models can help you boost engagement, neutralize program investment and move along the spectrum from activity-based to results-based rewards, while staying compliant with the evolving regulations governing healthy incentives.

Let us help you implement rewards models that work – incenting the right things, and avoiding the complexity and confusion that dampen engagement and frustrate participants.

Market Solutions


Healthy employees drive a healthy bottom line. Traditional solutions don’t always achieve the sustained engagement required to produce broad-based results. This is where RedBrick shines.

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Health Plans

Looking to re-energize your member engagement, employer wellness, or medical management initiatives? RedBrick Health can help.

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Health Systems

A growing number of hospitals and health systems have turned to RedBrick to improve employee health as the foundation for their community and population health strategy. We serve nearly 500,000 healthcare employees at 150 hospitals nationwide.

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