Phone Coaching

An approach to phone coaching as unique and inspired as the rest of our solution suite.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to changing health habits. For the best results, participants need individualized approaches that meet them where they are and help them get to where they need to be.

Our comprehensive, person-centric, behavior-based primary coach model, integrated across lifestyle and condition management topics, does exactly that.

We blend powerful behavior change and habit formation principles across the spectrum of health. The small steps behavior change model found within RedBrick Journeys is also fully integrated into our live coaching experience – making the RedBrick approach to coaching unique.

We recognize that the common denominator between adopting a healthy lifestyle and better managing a health condition is successfully changing health behavior.

Our coaches provide ongoing reinforcement and guidance to keep individuals on track and moving forward. They get to know not only your participants, but also your program design, company culture and available resources. By using designated coaching teams for each client, we ensure that your unique resources are featured, and that cross-referral pathways are active.

RedBrick coaches have access to additional specialized resources to ensure your participants get exactly the help they need, when they need it. Coaches can consult with our team pharmacist on a participant’s medication use, or enlist extra help from our high risk care coordinator.

Market Solutions


Healthy employees drive a healthy bottom line. Traditional solutions don’t always achieve the sustained engagement required to produce broad-based results. This is where RedBrick shines.

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Health Plans

Looking to re-energize your member engagement, employer wellness, or medical management initiatives? RedBrick Health can help.

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Health Systems

A growing number of hospitals and health systems have turned to RedBrick to improve employee health as the foundation for their community and population health strategy. We serve nearly 500,000 healthcare employees at 150 hospitals nationwide.

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