Our results speak for themselves.

The right engagement platform makes all the difference to you and your people.

Not all engagement is created equal.
You get the kind that matters.

Among our book of business, the top-performing quintile averages 89% active engagement, resulting in better health outcomes and lower risks. Learn more.

Source: RedBrick Health book of business engagement results. Active engagement is defined as post-Health Assessment activity engagement.



When they engage, they stay.

Individuals who engage with RedBrick are 70% more likely to stay employed with their current organization.


More likely to
stay employed

Source: RedBrick Health book of business retention analysis.

Reverse your rising risks and key cost drivers.

RedBrick participants with healthy glucose levels at baseline are
13.4% less likely to become prediabetic and 23% less likely to become diabetic.

Source: RedBrick Health book of business analysis of blood glucose trends.


Less likely to develop prediabetic blood glucose levels


Less likely to develop diabetic blood glucose levels in follow up

Digital is good. Digital + Human is better.

The average American gains 2 pounds every year. RedBrick participants who only engage online lose 1/2 pound each year, and participants who use both live and digital modalities lose 1 1/2 pounds each year.

Source: RedBrick Health book of business analysis of weight loss trends.

Source: U.S. Average based on Strategies to Prevent Weight Gain Among Adults Comparative Effectiveness Review No. 97.

Annual weight change for Americans, 18-65


Improved upon or
met their goal

RedBrick builds resilience.

It's about more than just nutrition and physical activity. RedBrick supports your people's emotional well-being, too. 91% of participants increased their resilience to stress.

Source: RedBrick book of business self-reported improvements among RedBrick Journeys.

Seeing is believing.