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RedBrick Health delivers compelling results and real behavior change not typically found in other solutions. Let us show you how and why our approach to wellness works for real people.

RedBrick gets engagement.

RedBrick gets engagement.

In fact, we get it at 4 times the rate of industry norms1.
Explore the RedBrick Engagement Engine to discover how.

Active Data Analytics

Our people and our and our platform use data actively to achieve and sustain engagement. We start with data about your population segments and insights on your culture, then tailor an approach, measure actively and refine continually.

Outreach and Choice

There is no one-size-fits-all. We use multiple communication channels, match channel with preference, and offer relevant choices. When each consumer chooses how to engage, commitment is higher and results are better.

Rewards and Support

Do rewards drive outcomes? How much is enough? Lotteries or incentives? RedBrick helps you design effective incentives based on extensive experience with what works. We blend our robust digital content with live support—coaches and guides—because sometimes we need a little human help.

Adaptive Consumer Experience

RedBrick adapts to each users preferences and intrinsic motivations. We use performance data to create an experience that gets more relevant, impactful and intelligent over time.

RedBrick gets behavior.

Changing behavior can be hard, but with the right approach it doesn’t have to be. While there’s no magic bullet, there is a formula for success. The RedBrick Behavior Framework produces healthier behaviors and meaningful clinical results. Check out the solution components that can reinvigorate your wellness program.

Common mistakes

  • Big, abstract goals
  • Relying on willpower
  • Blaming lack of motivation
  • Assuming info leads to action
  • Too much or too little choice

What works:

  • Small steps
  • Relevant choices
  • Behavior “triggers”
  • Tapping existing motivation
  • Changing the environment2

RedBrick gets results.

We’re talking real results—objective health improvement. We see statistically significant improvements in measures like BMI, blood pressure and non-HDL cholesterol, accompanied by self-reported improvements in physical activity, nutrition and stress.

Participants with a baseline BMI of 30 or higher were significantly more likely to reduce their body weight by 5% or more at one-year follow up – a clinically meaningful improvement. Show me the data.

60% of participants with high blood pressure achieved normal levels at one-year follow up. Those with pre-hypertension were significantly more likely to achieve a normal blood pressure at follow up. Show me the data.

Participants with high non-HDL cholesterol were significantly more likely to achieve a normal non-HDL cholesterol level at one-year follow up. Show me the data.

Participants were significantly more likely to increase their regular physical activity by 30 minutes or more per week at one-year follow up. Show me the data.

Participants were significantly more likely to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables by one serving or more per day at one-year follow up. Show me the data.

  • RedBrick Health helped Valerie make healthy a way of life.

    “It pours into not just my life, but my son’s life as well.”


  • Tracking nutrition and exercise helped Tom lose 130 pounds.

    RedBrick Health helps him maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • Danielle decided to get healthy for her kids.

    RedBrick Health helps her keep her healthy lifestyle on track.


    Read Danielle’s Story

  • Mike’s RedBrick Health Coach helps him reach his goals.

    “I feel like we’re a team. . . She’s a brilliant guide.”


    Read Mike’s Story

RedBrick brings it all together.

For you, for your consumers.

Combining the latest behavioral science with data-driven technology and simple consumer experience, the RedBrick Health platform powers engaging and effective employee wellness and population health solutions for many of the nation’s leading companies. We help get better returns on their investment in health and healthcare, all in one simple, rewarding package.

  • integrative

    RedBrick syncs with a wide selection of apps and devices. We partner with best-of-breed solutions to support a more comprehensive health solution. Seamlessly integrate your own activities and third-party programs to reach your goals.

    Fitness and tracking device integration

  • smart

    We help organizations maximize engagement results through consultative, incentive and communication strategies adapted specifically to each employer’s culture and wellness goals.

    Engagement chart

  • powerful

    We’re more than a wellness portal. We’re more than an app. RedBrick brings everything together to create a powerful health engagement and behavior change hub.

    Our Platform

  • adaptive

    Using choice architecture, consumers receive personalized recommendations. RedBrick adapts over time—based on health status, interactions and preferences—creating a fresh experience unique to each participant.

  • flexible

    RedBrick offers flexibility in supporting multiple populations and locations with varying program configurations. Your groups can have unique branding, content, links, components and reward designs.

  • future friendly

    We live in a dynamic world. RedBrick’s platform is designed to adapt along with it. Let us show you how we can keep your wellness or population health initiative fresh, dynamic and increasingly effective.

Still skeptical? Let us show you.

We help design and implement health strategies adapted to your organization’s culture and program goals. The result is better engagement, healthier behaviors and stronger returns on your investment in health.


1 RedBrick Health book-of-business engagement results through 12/31/2012

2Adapted from B.J. Fogg, Stanford University, “Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change”

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