RedBrick Showcases RedBrick One™ at Conference Board’s 18th Annual Employee Healthcare Conference

Press Releases – March 27, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. (March 27, 2018) – RedBrick Health, a long-time leader in driving meaningful employee health engagement, announces RedBrick One, its complete, unified approach to benefits engagement that creates a better employee experience. While many employers offer a broad array of benefits to their employees, they face a major challenge in providing a unified consumer experience that drives sufficient utilization in these attractive and often cost-saving benefits. RedBrick One fills that gap, so that employers can stay competitive in attracting top talent, while also achieving stronger returns on their overall investment in benefits.

RedBrick One is currently being showcased at the Conference Board’s 18th Annual Employee Healthcare Conference. The conference theme: Capturing Value in a Dynamic Market, underscores the challenges employers face in meeting the changing needs of an emerging millennial-majority workforce, as well as their need to achieve a measurable return on their investment in a growing array of employee benefits-many of which are underappreciated and underutilized.

“RedBrick One describes a fully unified engagement platform,” said RedBrick CEO Dan Ryan. “Leading organizations tell us they really need a better way to get-and keep-people engaged in all the resources and benefits they offer. That better way requires more than just a passive hub. They need a dynamically personalized application, compelling targeted communications, a simple and rewarding digital experience, and empathetic and expert live support. All of these are keys to success, and all are wrapped into RedBrick One.”

RedBrick One provides the tools needed for real-time data and third-party product integrations. At the core lies a powerful platform that wraps around all employee benefits-or just those that are under-performing. Which, for many employers, are most.
RedBrick has deployed hundreds of client-customized engagement websites and apps powered by RedBrick One. The platform is available to organizations not currently using RedBrick well-being solutions as well.

“In a recent implementation with a forward-thinking Fortune 100 client, they were surprised and delighted to see a doubling in their employees’ use of relevant benefits at six months, followed by a seven-fold increase at 18-months, post-implementation. And we think this may be at the low end of what’s possible with this new, more unified and complete approach to growing engagement,” added Ryan.