Engage your members the other 364 days of the year

Blog – March 21, 2016
Phil Hadden
Phil Hadden

By Phil Hadden, vice president, business development, RedBrick Health

If you’re like other health plans, you struggle with getting your members to actively engage in their health. When a member signs up for their health coverage, they receive a lot of information. Unfortunately, that health-related information often is put into a drawer and is mostly forgotten until a crisis arises.

So how can you get your members to engage in their health the other 364 days of the year?

The first step is to help members get started. Our research and results show that members who are empowered with choices and simple, short steps will engage. Our research also shows that members who can choose how they wish to engage and what they want to focus on will stay engaged longer. By encouraging them with ongoing communications and providing the combined power of social support, gamification, and financial incentives, our members enjoy lasting behavior change.

RedBrick Health’s engagement platform is your solution to help members get and stay on the path to better health. By bringing together all the benefits you offer and our powerful tools into one intuitive user experience, we ensure that each member has the right information at the right time. Our proprietary technology provides a flexible and configurable solution that easily integrates all programs you want to feature. Additionally, we offer valuable solutions like telemedicine, health advocacy, transparency, shared decision, medication compliance, and connectivity with most of the popular activity trackers and apps.

Our results speak for themselves. We help health plans obtain meaningful engagement that gets results.

  • A national health plan partner saw a 50% lift in care management engagement with RedBrick.
  • RedBrick health assessment drove a 38% increase in health assessment completion versus a prior vendor for a regional health plan partner.
  • Collaborating with RedBrick resulted in an overall engagement rate of 60% for a Regional Health Plan’s strategic employer account.

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