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By Heidi McAllister, Coaching Services Manager, RedBrick Health We all know that investing in employee health is a way to manage healthcare costs, but many programs overlook important partners—spouses and other family members—who not only often have higher healthcare costs themselves and nearly always have a strong influence on the health behaviors of the participant. Our research shows that social support is not only a predictor of meaningful engagement, but also a catalyst for more meaningful engagement. We recommend including spouses and significant others as often as possible and focusing on the family unit for optimal behavior change. Whether support comes from a family member, a co-worker or a health coach, leveraging the social sphere is smart. We’ve embedded social […]

At RedBrick Health we work every day to help people be a little bit healthier than they were yesterday. That work doesn’t stop with our clients and partners – it’s something we strive to include in our own offices, communities and lives. “For me, helping people be healthy is much more than a job; it’s a lifestyle,” said Joe Garrison, our Southwest regional sales leader. “I believe in what we do at RedBrick Health and I’m striving to lead by example.” Garrison, who is based in California, has been working with RedBrick since 2010, and he’s been doing triathlons for just as long. This summer he completed eight Olympic distance triathlons and a half-IRONMAN in preparation for his first full […]

With the new year upon us, undoubtedly many of us have made goals to improve our health in 2014. As a result, gym memberships are purchased, and new diets are tried in an effort to lose weight and improve our health. But what if I told you that new research shows that where you eat can also have a proven impact your BMI? Typically, the majority of research and health advice focuses on what is being eaten and how the foods that we consume impact our health. That’s why a recent study on the influence of where families eat dinner caught my eye. The study of dinner rituals that correlate with child and adult BMI found that families who frequently […]

The View Ahead on Health and Fitness Devices As proponents of integrating health and fitness devices into a broader wellness program, we’re excited about what MobiHealthNews had to say about the booming industry – to the tune of a 10-fold expansion.   Approach to Trigger Physical Activity As health and fitness devices continue to become more prominent, the San Francisco Chronicle recapped a Stanford study on how game mechanics, teamwork and social competition components can be the motivation needed to spur exercise.   High Blood Pressure: Knowledge is Power Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times highlighted the role of “simplicity” in helping individuals manage hypertension. As it turns out, getting to Step 1 – diagnosis – is still a work in […]

Finding success in adopting new habits through health behavior change that improve our health is an uphill battle. While we know what we should do, the best-laid plans can easily go awry when our motivation is not sufficient to keep us on the path towards better health. Motivation can come from many sources. One surprising source may be as simple as creating a personal connection to health. Health is Personal Let's be honest – what's more personal than our health? We are generally in control of what we put in our body, how physically active we are and how invested in our health we remain. Every choice we make each and every day impacts our health in one way or […]

Creating an environment supportive of healthy habits is a critical component in establishing a culture of health within an organization. While workplace wellness is a relatively new trend, healthy cultures are nothing new. There are longstanding cultures that have incorporated the key ingredients to living a long and healthy life that employers can look to for guidance. Recently, Minneapolis-based Salo had their employees complete a mix of lifestyle and workplace habits, meditation, healthy eating and positive social interaction. At the conclusion, Salo found was that there was an impact on employee health, and the organization's bottom line. [brightcove vid=2294454559001&exp3=1684512068001&surl=,AAAACC6OgzE~,L0bTvfk9n15FmF18purmAD2hu9UP9YRL&lbu=] So how do you create an environment supportive of healthy habits? To simplify the process, we've compiled a list of four […]

A friend of mine was telling me all about his new water bill. He lives in a township that historically assessed each household a uniform, cross-community water utility charge. The size of your house, yard, family, whether or not you owned a swimming pool or an exotic fish collection – none of it factored into the assessment. The entire community water tab was divvied evenly residence by residence. Now things are different. The township spent the winter installing water meters into every residence. They can now bill individual home owners for the actual amount of water their household consumes. A common practice elsewhere and no different from the construct for how they pay for their other utilities, but this community initially reacted […]

November 1st, 2012

Our purpose at the Health Innovation Blog is to spread awareness of innovations that advance personal and population health and discuss new approaches to old problems for getting and keeping people healthy and productive. But perhaps nothing is more vital to personal and population health than the physical safety of ourselves, our families, and our communities, and our emotional well-being in the face of a disaster. Right now, millions of people are facing serious challenges – directly or indirectly – as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Millions of others are wondering what they can do to help. So we tapped the experiences of a RedBrick Health employee and Health Innovation Blog contributor, Dave Glad, who also serves in a leadership […]

If you were looking to create a succesful video, there is a formula that almost always guarantees success. Create an animated film featuring cute and cuddly animals (in this case, polar bears), combine with a catchy theme song sung by a chart-topping musician (enter Jason Mraz) and top off with the direction of an industry heavyweight (advertising superstar Alex Bogusky). Only this isn't the latest feature film from Hollywood. It is instead a stark protest against the evils of sugar, specifically the soda industry. [youtube] This video should prove to be an interesting study on the importance of how health-related information is delivered to today's consumers. It is safe to say that nearly all consumers know the negative impact consuming large […]

How the U.S. Healthcare System Wastes $750 Billion Annually The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently estimated that the country loses some $750 billion annually to medical fraud, inefficiencies, and other siphons in the health-care system. The system is broken, but perhaps the fix lies with individuals having greater financial skin in the game and driving the industry towards a more efficient system that serves the needs of consumers. Exercise Apps Don’t Always Work Out Fitness, nutrition and health-focused apps continue to gain in popularity, but just how effective are they? A recent study by Brigham Young University examined over 100 popular apps and rated them on their ability to facilitate actual behavior change in the users lifestyle. The results showed most apps were […]