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By Phil Hadden, Vice President, Business Development, RedBrick Health Every day we’re deluged with information and offers vying for our attention. The Internet is teeming with content about our health. How do we make sense of it all and sort out the noise from what’s important? Successful retailers like LL Bean, Amazon and Netflix have learned that personalizing a user’s experience and serving up relevant choices are keys to engaging shoppers —and keep them coming back. Consumers like to shop with companies who know what they like and show them options that relate to their tastes. So why should health and wellness solutions be any different? By combining personalization and choice architecture we can provide guidance that taps each participant’s […]

By Sanna Yoder, Senior Director, Content Strategy and Behavior Design, RedBrick Health Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and do some push-ups. Put dinner on a smaller plate or bowl. Ask your server to double the veggies. Get some earplugs to block out your partner’s snoring. Each of these tiny calls to action represents one small step from RedBrick Journeys®, the digital coaching program at the heart of RedBrick’s behavior change system. None of them requires much time or money, and none on its own is the key to health and longevity. But each one of these steps has changed the life of someone I know. And I have some theories about why. It’s a social thing My friend Jon […]

By Eric Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer, RedBrick Health Habits happen. We form them early and do them often. And because habits become well-ingrained patterns of behavior, they’re hard to break—even if your health depends on it. Many times, it takes a “wake-up call”—a life event—to spur the action needed to break a bad health habit or establish a good one. A sudden illness, the birth of a child, a change of job—all introduce new motivations, as well as new behavioral cues. But what about people wanting to make changes in their daily habit patterns without the backdrop of a major life change? What’s the success formula? First, avoid the common pitfalls: focusing on big, abstract goals, thinking information leads to […]

By Karin Bultman, Vice President of Market Development, RedBrick Health In April 2015, we commissioned a survey to explore how buying patterns, program offerings and program design have adapted given the rapidly changing healthcare environment. This survey was a follow-up to a similar survey we sponsored in 2010. Our goal was to better understand benefits strategies around wellness and health management and how they relate to healthcare costs. One of the things we were curious about was how employers are defining engagement. As wellness programs mature, is the definition of engagement evolving as well? Are employers looking for more than mere participation? And if the definition of engagement is evolving, how will this impact programs for employee health and well-being? […]

By Eric Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer, RedBrick Health This post was adapted from an article originally published by the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC). I first cut my teeth as a wellness program coordinator during my internship at the Mattel toy company. It was truly the dark ages of technology. No Web. No smartphones. No social media. We scanned HRA questionnaires through optical readers and gave out printed reports. We delivered classroom educational programs and one-on-one counseling. We staged worksite challenges and tallied team data by hand into leaderboards. Indeed, we lacked the high-tech tools that make up the modern wellness arsenal. Fast forward to today. So much has changed. But let’s start with what’s stayed the same. Behaviors—inactivity, poor […]

Part 2 of a 2-part series By Sanna Yoder, Senior Director, Content Strategy and Behavior Design, RedBrick Health In part 1 of our series, we introduced mindfulness as a practical solution to address the stresses of everyday life and discussed a few mindfulness practices. In this post, we’ll introduce a few additional mindfulness techniques, including one from Amit Sood, chair of Mayo Clinic’s Mind-Body Medicine Initiative. Sood integrates elements from neurosciences, psychology, philosophy and spirituality to offer a scientific approach for stress management. His “Guide to Stress-Free Living1“ offers countless simple but profound exercises to reframe the stresses of daily life at work. He recommends a simple practice of joyful attention at least four to six times a day. Here’s […]

Part 1 of a 2-part series By Sanna Yoder, Senior Director, Content Strategy and Behavior Design, RedBrick Health No matter what the make-up of your population, there’s a cost-effective prescription for better health—one that may help lower blood pressure, reduce the effects of depression and anxiety and improve sleep. It may even help control cravings.1 It is called mindfulness, and it’s a practical solution to address the stresses of everyday life. Mindfulness costs nothing but a few moments of time. It can be practiced anywhere. And while it can help employees feel better in the moment, it may even have a long-term impact, improving job performance, reducing turnover intention2 and increasing the resiliency of your work group. But how do […]

Part 3 of a 3-part series By Nathan Barleen, Director of Research, RedBrick Health In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we presented the case for choice for engaging individuals in their health and the role choice can play for those with chronic conditions. In this post, we’ll talk about how different segments of consumers respond to different options when offered in a choice-based health management model. Choice allows individuals to exercise their preferences. Traditional and online merchants have studied the differences between customer segments for years. Merchants know that different marketing approaches and product types appeal to different individuals. In order to maximize sales, they often organize choices in a way designed to appeal to each segment of […]

October 17th, 2014

On Wednesday, October 8th, RedBrick Health hosted almost 50 health and wellness leaders from Minnesota’s largest employers, consultant groups and other influencing organizations. We invited these movers and shakers to a panel discussion focused on the key drivers of health engagement in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. We were pleased to present four panelists with distinct industry perspectives about what health engagement means: ·        Ken Paulus, CEO at Allina Health, provider lens ·        John Naylor, Commercial Market SVP at Medica, payer lens ·        Jeni McGill, from the benefits team at Cargill, employer lens ·        Sean Wieland, a Piper Jaffrey senior analyst, industry lens Each panel member introduced their organization and background, provided insight into what health engagement means for them […]

Robert B. Cialdini, Ph. D. presented at the RedBrick Health Client Summit last April, where he spoke on effective and persuasive communication in an uncertain health care environment. He is collaborating with RedBrick again to share insights from his new book The small BIG: Small Changes that Spark Big Influence in a two-part series. Find Part I here. Persuasive efficiencies Since the publication of my book, Influence, I’ve been asked to speak—in corporate training sessions, at large conferences, or in front of university classrooms—about these principles.  In the process, I’ve noticed something that captures audience attention to a remarkable degree (almost as much as if I’d mentioned sex):  If, when describing one or another of the principles, I say, “Now, […]