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By Dr. Jeff Dobro, RedBrick Health Chief Medical Officer The upward trajectory of healthcare costs has given rise to a debate about the value of annual health screenings. Are they really necessary? Do they surface enough potential medical issues to outweigh the costs of screening an entire population? At RedBrick, we’ve screened hundreds of thousands of consumers across the organizations we serve. This experience, along with the evidence we’ve gathered, has convinced us that periodic health screenings as part of a workplace health and wellness program make sense. Screenings can help to: Identify health conditions early. The obesity epidemic is driving higher rates of hypertension and diabetes and even worse, a significant percentage of people with these conditions don’t even […]

January 29th, 2014

In an earlier post I discussed the results of a study that touted the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Along with eating veggies, an additional way to help you live longer is to eat nuts. Like we tell our health coaching participants regularly, when you get the munchies reach for nuts instead of fatty snacks like chips or candy. A recent summary of two studies showed that increased nut consumption has been associated with a reduced risk of major chronic diseases and death. The total study size was significant, 120,000 participants, as was the time period – participants answered questions about their diet at the beginning of the studies in the 1980s, and then every two to four years during […]

With the new year upon us, undoubtedly many of us have made goals to improve our health in 2014. As a result, gym memberships are purchased, and new diets are tried in an effort to lose weight and improve our health. But what if I told you that new research shows that where you eat can also have a proven impact your BMI? Typically, the majority of research and health advice focuses on what is being eaten and how the foods that we consume impact our health. That’s why a recent study on the influence of where families eat dinner caught my eye. The study of dinner rituals that correlate with child and adult BMI found that families who frequently […]

To help break through the clutter of the myriad of studies and reports that get published each month, RedBrick Health chief medical officer, Dr. Jeff Dobro, will share a brief synopsis on some of the more interesting peer-reviewed studies that he assesses in an on-going series on the Health Innovation Blog. With the holiday eating season in full-swing, it’s as good of a time as any to be aware of how a few simple changes in diet can have a positive impact on your life. Recently a study offers evidence that a vegetarian diet has shown to lower mortality rates. The study of more than 70,000 people over a 6-year period found that vegetarians (with or without consuming fish or […]