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When it comes to managing population health or deploying an employer wellness program, the conversation doesn’t last long before it inevitably turns to engagement. Namely – How do we get more people to participate? This trillion-dollar question (as in $3 trillion) has long been one of the biggest challenges faced by employers and other organizations as they work to increase participation in the programs and resources they provide to their consumers. While there are numerous approaches and levers that can impact engagement rates, we believe we should follow the same behavior change principle we apply to help shape healthy habits – focus on the simplest thing that will have the biggest impact. Recently, the MIT Sloan School of Management had […]

As cost and risk within healthcare shift from employers and health plans to individuals, we are seeing an increased focus on "healthcare consumerism" and, in turn, the need for organizations to help consumers better navigate the changing healthcare system. Increased accountability for cost has created the need to help consumers make the best choices when it comes to their health – both in regards to the behaviors that create a healthy lifestyle as well as healthcare purchasing habits. While the majority of people understand the impact of their choices when it comes to becoming more physically active, eating more nutritiously and even managing a health condition, the same isn't true when it comes to purchasing healthcare services. Most consumers have no […]