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March 30th, 2015

Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS (March 25, 2015) ­- RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement and behavior change solutions, announced today a three- year partnership to collaborate with Equity Healthcare in creating and delivering an engaging, next-generation wellness platform for its portfolio companies. Through the partnership, RedBrick’s platform and services will be integrated with Equity Healthcare’s data analytic and care management capabilities and offered to the Blackstone Group’s global asset management portfolio, as well as their six other affiliated private equity firms. The Equity Healthcare Wellness 2.0 vision includes a more compelling, personalized consumer experience and stronger integration of services across the health spectrum. In fulfilling this vision, RedBrick will deliver its adaptive health assessment and recommendations engine, award-winning digital coaching capability, device and app-integrated activity tracking, and advanced incentive management. RedBrick’s platform will be integrated with Equity Healthcare’s advanced data analytics and will drive coordinated engagement with its care management model. “By collaborating with RedBrick Health, Equity Healthcare is able to help its members on the journey to Wellness 2.0 by driving meaningful engagement and a better, more integrated experience,” said Equity Healthcare’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Robert Galvin. “We evaluated the best companies in this space, and […]

March 18th, 2015

Press Release

Consumer-driven private exchange platform supports wellness engagement and workforce health

CHARLESTON (March 18, 2015) - Benefitfocus, Inc. (NASDAQ: BNFT) and RedBrick Health are working together to help employers drive engagement in wellness programs designed to improve workforce health and drive healthy bottom lines. The companies announced that the award-winning RedBrick Health Platform will now be made available within the BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace – allowing employers to incorporate a suite of health improvement and rewards elements directly into their benefits enrollment experience.

“By creating an extensible ecosystem of solutions with partners like RedBrick, we are giving employers the flexibility to really unlock the power of their benefits plans and bring them to life.”

The Benefitfocus Marketplace is a powerful private exchange platform that uses data as the foundation to empower informed benefits enrollment decisions and optimized plan design and administration. The inclusion of RedBrick within the Benefitfocus Wellness Ecosystem provides Benefitfocus Marketplace users with quick, anytime access to wellness program participation and rewards progress with connectivity to the RedBrick Health Platform via a single sign on. Benefitfocus serves more than 25 million consumers on its platform. “RedBrick Health is delighted to become an ecosystem partner of Benefitfocus, […]

February 4th, 2015

Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS (February 4, 2015) ­- RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement and behavior change solutions, announced today its Health Content Provider accreditation from URAC, an independent, nonprofit healthcare organization dedicated to promoting healthcare quality through accreditation, education and measurement.

The URAC accreditation process demonstrates a commitment to quality services and serves as a framework to improve business processes through benchmarking organizations against nationally recognized standards.

“URAC examined RedBrick’s extensive consumer content assets, as well as our end-to-end content development process. This review included all print, online and interactive media that support our integrated, choice-based approach to engaging consumers and helping them improve their health,” said Dan Ryan, chief executive officer of RedBrick Health. “We are pleased to have achieved this important recognition for the quality of our content, and applaud URAC’s ongoing commitment to setting high standards for the development of consumer-facing health content.”

“RedBrick Health should be commended for its decision to be reviewed under URAC’s strict quality standards,” said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. “It is critically important for healthcare organizations to make a commitment to quality and accountability.”

About RedBrick Health RedBrick Health […]

January 28th, 2015

Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS (January 28, 2015) ­- RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement and behavior change solutions, announced today it has earned Wellness & Health Promotion certifications from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

The Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP) Certification from NCQA recognizes organizations that meet quality requirements for health appraisal and self-management tools. RedBrick Compass™ and RedBrick Journeys® meet these requirements, helping client organizations seeking NCQA accreditation by ensuring they satisfy Member Connection standards in these categories.

RedBrick Compass provides a dynamic, visually rich experience that can be accessed via web, tablet or mobile phone, overcoming engagement barriers common to typical health assessments. Participants are guided through an easy to understand, personally relevant series of questions that produce an evidence-based portrait of their health. Compass enables consumers to update their assessment at any time during the year to refresh their personal recommendations.

RedBrick Journeys help consumers form new health habits by providing dynamic, individualized pathways made up of small step choices within a game-like framework. Journeys have been shown to generate frequent engagement as well as behavioral and biometric outcomes.


December 16th, 2014

Press Release

Advance Medical and MDLIVE join the RedBrick Ready Solution Partner program, creating a broad, engaging consumer health solution

MINNEAPOLIS (December 16, 2014) ­- RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement and behavior change technology announced today collaboration with Advance Medical and MDLIVE. Their services will join current partner ClearCost Health to actively integrate into the RedBrick Health consumer health engagement platform. RedBrick’s open platform creates a one-stop experience for consumers, driving better engagement and supporting the formation of new health habits. The new collaboration means that in addition to taking simple steps toward improving their health and wellbeing, consumers can now visit one place for access to non-urgent care consultation, connection to a doctor for an expert medical opinion or savings tools for quality medical services and medications. “Reducing healthcare costs depends not only on improved behaviors, but enabling better care access and support,” said Dan Ryan, chief executive officer of RedBrick Health. “In the current marketplace, employers often offer these kinds of services in fragmented ways, and without the benefit of effective behavior change tools. RedBrick plugs all of these elements into a single platform with a common set of data analytics, personalization, communication, […]

December 3rd, 2014

Press Release

Adaptive, small step behavior change system yields clinically meaningful reductions in weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and improvements in an array of daily health habits

MINNEAPOLIS (December 3, 2014) ­- RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement and behavior change technology, today announced results of a research study that followed over 180,000 consumers with respect to their health habits. Those at elevated risk who took a RedBrick Journey were significantly more likely to have clinically meaningful reductions in weight, blood pressure and non-HDL cholesterol than a demographically similar comparison group. Improvements were also observed in physical activity, nutrition and stress when comparing follow-up to baseline measures in these areas. The RedBrick Journeys Cohort Study compared professionally collected health screening measurements taken at baseline and approximately one year later, at the end of the study period. Measures included weight, blood pressure and non-HDL cholesterol. Health Assessments completed roughly concurrently with health screenings at both intervals measured daily physical activity levels, daily eating habits, and perceived stress levels and coping habits. “Few digital health behavior change interventions have been carefully studied across large cohorts with the benefit of actual biometric pre- and post-measures, rather than relying solely […]

August 6th, 2014

Press Release


Dr. Stephen Kahane, President of the Enterprise Solutions Group at athenahealth, and Rick Jelinek, Operating Partner at Advent International and former OptumHealth CEO, join RedBrick Health

MINNEAPOLIS (August 6, 2014) ­- RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement and behavior change technology, today announced the appointment of Dr. Stephen Kahane and Mr. Rick Jelinek to its Board of Directors, extending the board to eight members.

"We are pleased to welcome these two distinguished health technology leaders to our Board of Directors,” said Dan Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of RedBrick Health. “Their extensive healthcare expertise will be valuable as we broaden our population health offerings for large employers. In addition, their extensive industry experience will help us shape our approach as RedBrick meets growing demand to deploy our health engagement platform through progressive health plans and healthcare delivery systems."

Dr. Kahane is the President of athenahealth’s Enterprise Solutions Group, offering health system and physician practice automation through cloud-based services for revenue cycle, electronic health records, clinical integration and patient access. His previous experience includes roles as CEO of AMICAS, VitalWorks, and Datamedic, successful health information technology companies. He also served as Medical Director and […]

June 17th, 2014

Press Release


Medica members will earn incentives by actively engaging in their health through the combined suite of Medica and RedBrick Health tools

MINNEAPOLIS (June 17, 2014) ­- RedBrick Health, a fast-growing leader in consumer health engagement and behavior change technology and Medica today announced a new relationship that will give Medica commercial members access to the market-leading RedBrick consumer engagement and behavior change platform. Effective January 1, 2015, Medica members will have access to a new suite of highly interactive, personalized and engaging health and wellness resources.

"The new capabilities offered through this platform will serve as an important foundation to our overall health management strategy," according to Mark Werner, senior vice president and chief clinical and innovation officer for Medica. "RedBrick will provide new programs, tools and resources that offer an impressive level of personalization for members across the continuum of health."

Medica members will be rewarded for participating in a broad range of personal health improvement activities through a unique incentive model managed by RedBrick. These rewards can be earned by completing or participating in a variety of programs including the RedBrick Compass interactive health assessment, RedBrick Journeys multi-modal digital coaching, the RedBrick […]

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