By Sanna Yoder, Senior Director, Content Strategy and Behavior Design, RedBrick Health Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and do some push-ups. Put dinner on a smaller plate or bowl. Ask your server to double the veggies. Get some earplugs to block out your partner’s snoring. Each of these tiny calls to action represents one small step from RedBrick Journeys®, the digital coaching program at the heart of RedBrick’s behavior change system. None of them requires much time or money, and none on its own is the key to health and longevity. But each one of these steps has changed the life of someone I know. And I have some theories about why. It’s a social thing My friend Jon […]

By Eric Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer, RedBrick Health Habits happen. We form them early and do them often. And because habits become well-ingrained patterns of behavior, they’re hard to break—even if your health depends on it. Many times, it takes a “wake-up call”—a life event—to spur the action needed to break a bad health habit or establish a good one. A sudden illness, the birth of a child, a change of job—all introduce new motivations, as well as new behavioral cues. But what about people wanting to make changes in their daily habit patterns without the backdrop of a major life change? What’s the success formula? First, avoid the common pitfalls: focusing on big, abstract goals, thinking information leads to […]

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