Part 1 of a 2-part series By Sanna Yoder, Senior Director, Content Strategy and Behavior Design, RedBrick Health No matter what the make-up of your population, there’s a cost-effective prescription for better health—one that may help lower blood pressure, reduce the effects of depression and anxiety and improve sleep. It may even help control cravings.1 It is called mindfulness, and it’s a practical solution to address the stresses of everyday life. Mindfulness costs nothing but a few moments of time. It can be practiced anywhere. And while it can help employees feel better in the moment, it may even have a long-term impact, improving job performance, reducing turnover intention2 and increasing the resiliency of your work group. But how do […]

By Eric Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer, RedBrick Health A recent survey of employers with more than 500 employees confirmed what many of us expected to see—a continuing rise in outcomes-based incentives programs.1 Our own survey research shows a strikingly similar trend among employers with more than a thousand employees: Many are moving to outcomes-based designs.2 It seems like a logical assumption is being made here—outcomes-based models that tie rewards to key behavioral and biometric results are likely to produce better biometric outcomes. But is there evidence to back up that assumption? We recently reviewed the year-over-year program results of over 80 reward designs that reached nearly 500,000 individuals. We divided the sample into four reward design types: Participation-based models that […]

Part 3 of a 3-part series By Nathan Barleen, Director of Research, RedBrick Health In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we presented the case for choice for engaging individuals in their health and the role choice can play for those with chronic conditions. In this post, we’ll talk about how different segments of consumers respond to different options when offered in a choice-based health management model. Choice allows individuals to exercise their preferences. Traditional and online merchants have studied the differences between customer segments for years. Merchants know that different marketing approaches and product types appeal to different individuals. In order to maximize sales, they often organize choices in a way designed to appeal to each segment of […]

By Dr. Jeff Dobro, RedBrick Health Chief Medical Officer The upward trajectory of healthcare costs has given rise to a debate about the value of annual health screenings. Are they really necessary? Do they surface enough potential medical issues to outweigh the costs of screening an entire population? At RedBrick, we’ve screened hundreds of thousands of consumers across the organizations we serve. This experience, along with the evidence we’ve gathered, has convinced us that periodic health screenings as part of a workplace health and wellness program make sense. Screenings can help to: Identify health conditions early. The obesity epidemic is driving higher rates of hypertension and diabetes and even worse, a significant percentage of people with these conditions don’t even […]

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