February 13th, 2014

Hats off to an initiative launched on Friday, February 7th in Minnesota. Reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton declared 2014, Minnesota’s “Year of Worksite Wellness”. Among the employers being championed as heralding the importance and effectiveness of worksite wellness programs that are proven to significantly improve health and productivity and decrease health care costs and absenteeism is RedBrick Health client, The Schwan Food Company. Along with The Schwan Food Company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Anytime Fitness, Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Connolly Kuhl Group, Lakewood Health Center, Life Time Fitness, St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, Taher Inc. and TEAM Industries all have been deemed Worksite Wellness champions as part of this […]

February 5th, 2014

Our wellness solution is multi-modal. And for good reason – we engage consumers in their health and help them achieve lasting behavior change when we reach them through their preferred media. Consumer learning styles and preferences vary. As do their media access options – for some audiences more than others. Ours is a stream all consumers can swim, not one restricted to those with Internet access. But more and more, the opportunities and solutions consumers have access to are broadened, sometimes significantly, with that proverbial membership card to the World Wide Web – broadband. That’s why we continue to be reassured as we watch the wall between the web-enabled and the web-without falling further and further into rubble and dust. […]

February 2014
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