It is safe to say that the use of technology in wellness and health engagement has traditionally progressed at a more gradual pace than it has in other industries. However, over the last few years, numerous forward-thinking organizations have been redefining this type of human engagement through relentless innovation. The result? New advances and approaches that have created opportunities for employers to better reach and support their employees as they improve their wellbeing. Emerging Technology A study by Buck Consultants and WorldatWork looked at how emerging technology – specifically gamification, social networking and mobile technology – is being utilized in employer health management initiatives. The following percentages of organizations were found to be currently incorporating various technologies into their wellness […]

October 9th, 2013

How many times have you uttered the words “I’m stressed” or heard them from a friend, family member or coworker? Let’s face it, we’re all stressed. Stress does not discriminate based on age or financial status, everyone is stressed about something. A stressful life not only causes immediate symptoms but can have some long-lasting effects as well. In order to understand how to alleviate stress, it’s important to identify what is stressing people out and how it affects them. What Are the Top Stressors For Americans Today? The American Psychological Association recently conducted an in-depth study titled Stress in America. This study went on to explore Americans perception of their stress, stress by gender, the impact of stress, stress by […]

The annual HERO Forum was held last week in Orlando, Florida. HERO (Health Enhancement Research Organization) is a national leader in the creation of Employee Health Management best practices and research. Their annual gathering brings together leading employers, health plans and health management-focused organizations. There were several themes that emerged throughout the conference, none of which should be very surprising. While all of these topics have been discussed to varying degrees in the past, they have emerged as the prevailing hot-button discussions at the HERO Forum this year. Affordable Care Act – With major changes looming, concerns over the associated unknown implications was prominent. At a macro level, the ‘pay or play’ dilemma is progressing faster than many originally expected, […]

October 2013
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