It’s 8:00am on a weekday morning and the line for the coffee machine is a mile long at your company. Your employees all have a zombie-esque look about them and are moving at a very sluggish pace. Chances are they’re looking for that energy boost due to a lack of sleep. There have been countless studies on the effect of sleep on not only energy for the day, but work performance as well. This post will share ways to help your employees get more sound sleep, as well as tips for boosting their energy throughout the day. A Good Night’s Rest Goes a Long Way How many times have you heard your employees say “I have no energy, I’m so […]

The View Ahead on Health and Fitness Devices As proponents of integrating health and fitness devices into a broader wellness program, we’re excited about what MobiHealthNews had to say about the booming industry – to the tune of a 10-fold expansion.   Approach to Trigger Physical Activity As health and fitness devices continue to become more prominent, the San Francisco Chronicle recapped a Stanford study on how game mechanics, teamwork and social competition components can be the motivation needed to spur exercise.   High Blood Pressure: Knowledge is Power Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times highlighted the role of “simplicity” in helping individuals manage hypertension. As it turns out, getting to Step 1 – diagnosis – is still a work in […]

August 14th, 2013

Have any of these thoughts, or something similar ever crossed your mind? My blood pressure is too high, I need to start improving my health habits Retirement is sneaking up, time to fill the fund I need to get an X-ray but don’t know where the best place to go is In all of these scenarios, we know what we should do to solve for the challenge. The difficulty arises when we attempt to take the necessary action – and sustain it. Attempting to change our habits can seem daunting for many, if not most people. However, taking incremental steps towards your goal (whatever it may be) presents much less stress, strain and worry in the short and long-term, while […]

Finding success in adopting new habits through health behavior change that improve our health is an uphill battle. While we know what we should do, the best-laid plans can easily go awry when our motivation is not sufficient to keep us on the path towards better health. Motivation can come from many sources. One surprising source may be as simple as creating a personal connection to health. Health is Personal Let's be honest – what's more personal than our health? We are generally in control of what we put in our body, how physically active we are and how invested in our health we remain. Every choice we make each and every day impacts our health in one way or […]

New York's On-Again, Off-Again Soda Restrictions…Again Mayor Bloomberg's controversial restrictions on large soft drinks were dealt a super-sized blow by the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan this week. The New York Times summarizes the ruling.   If You Can't Do Seven, Maybe Two Will Do If you haven't heard the term already, "Two Day Dieting" might soon enter your wellness vernacular. NPR examines the phenomenon and explains that it may be more than the next passing fad.   Don't Tell the Kids… It’s time to start thinking "Back to School". The Mayo Clinic Hometown Health Blog offers some tips to ensure the transition from Summer into Fall is a happy and healthy one.   […]

August 2013
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