Today's children are much more connected than any previous generation. Access to television, the Internet, and video games (at a very early age) are a concern for many parents. Due to the amount of time many children spend consuming, it is hard to regulate every piece of advertising that they see. Because they are so impressionable, children are an easy target for advertisers worldwide. According to the American Psychological Association the rate of childhood obesity has almost tripled in the last century. In fact, the study also found that 20% of youth are overweight with obesity rates in preschool age children increasing rapidly. Just How Much Media Are Children Consuming? The same study also found that many children consume multiple […]

Keeping Up with the Affordable Care Act and its Impact on Wellness The Affordable Care Act is changing the wellness incentive landscape and the federal government has finalized the regulations which take effect in August. Bloomberg BNA summarized how it may impact you and your program. The Doctor is In (Still) The Health Innovation Blog loves keeping up on the latest and greatest health and wellness related devices. Adam Clark Estes at Gizmodo offers a great roundup of what's new, along with a reminder that using your Apple (device) this way shouldn't always keep the doctor away. Vegetables, Vegetables€¦.Always Vegetables On May 7, we highlighted a study of the interaction of various foods, especially meats, with naturally occurring bacteria in […]

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