Creating an environment supportive of healthy habits is a critical component in establishing a culture of health within an organization. While workplace wellness is a relatively new trend, healthy cultures are nothing new. There are longstanding cultures that have incorporated the key ingredients to living a long and healthy life that employers can look to for guidance. Recently, Minneapolis-based Salo had their employees complete a mix of lifestyle and workplace habits, meditation, healthy eating and positive social interaction. At the conclusion, Salo found was that there was an impact on employee health, and the organization's bottom line. [brightcove vid=2294454559001&exp3=1684512068001&surl=,AAAACC6OgzE~,L0bTvfk9n15FmF18purmAD2hu9UP9YRL&lbu=] So how do you create an environment supportive of healthy habits? To simplify the process, we've compiled a list of four […]

At the Health Innovation Blog, we strive to continuously highlight the latest advancements in health and wellness. As we have discussed on this site,gamification,mobile adoptionandenabling technologyall have a powerful impact on changing a person's behaviors. At times, what gets lost as we emphasize these innovations, is the influence an individual person has on helping others establish healthy habits. Margaret Mead reminds us, "It is easier to change a man's religion than to change his diet." If anyone knows how true this wisdom is, it is the professionals working tirelessly each and every day within their organizations to help their fellow employees live a healthier lifestyle. Recently, at the2013 RedBrick Health Client Advisory Councilthose responsible for overseeing their organization's health and […]

Exercising Just Twice A Month from Childhood 'Improves Brain Function' This new video from addresses the subject of the effect of exercise on brain function. A study was done on over 9,000 individuals beginning at the age of 11, and included monitoring at regular age intervals to monitor their levels of exercise. According to the results, participants that exercised two to three times per month or more, scored higher in tests than those who had not. Trying to Encourage Employees to Give Up Smoking? If you've ever been a smoker or know someone who has, quitting can be a very difficult process. While smoking cessation programs have proven to be very successful, sometimes additional efforts may be needed. The FDA […]

Still not sure about the effectiveness of employee wellness incentives? Maybe a new study conducted by the Mayo Clinic with its own employees may persuade you further. As noted in the study, a group of 100 participants were studied over the course of a year. The participants, ages 18-63 with a body mass index (BMI) of 30-39.9 kg/m2 were assigned to one of four weight loss groups – two without positive incentives, and two with an opportunity to earn $20 in each month they met a goal of a 4 pound weight loss. Over the year, the results were significant:  62 percent study completion in the incentive groups vs. 26 percent in the non-incentive groups. The study was similar to RedBrick Health's […]

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