December 12th, 2012

One fourth of the dollars and cents employers and their employees are spending on healthcare is tied to unhealthy behavior.  That's the conclusion an exhaustive study published in the November issue of Health Affairs concludes – ten modifiable behaviors consume 22% of all employer/employee costs. Obesity and inactivity, by themselves, lead the bad behavior pack and drive 13% of all costs. The study, conducted from 2005-2009, was comprised of over 90,000 workers from a variety of industries, regions and wage scales. Using data from health risk assessments (HRAs), it classified study participants into either 'high-risk' or 'low-risk' categories and then compared the associated healthcare costs for each risk factor between the two groups. The study's summation of the financial impact by […]

Positive News for Healthcare Cost Trend Employee Benefit News highlights the National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, a survey conducted annually by Mercer, which notes that healthcare inflation has hit a 15-year low nationwide. The trend is due, in large part, to companies adopting consumer-directed health plans and further embracing the benefits of wellness programs like those offered by RedBrick Health. Pay Attention, Energy Drink Consumer The Los Angeles Times highlights a Food and Drug Administration report possibly linking popular energy drinks to an increasing number of acute illnesses and deaths. While the beverages themselves have not been conclusively linked to illness and death, a growing list of similar reports suggests caution when using energy shots or energy drinks. If […]

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