The battle of the bulge is getting a lot of press the last two weeks.  And rightly so – the nation's fastest growing health risk continues to be our ever-expanding waist lines.  This week, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation of Trust for America projected the current trend of obesity will find the majority of the United States more than 50% obese by 2030.  That should be a shrill wake up call for each and every one of us – for our families and, if you're an employer, your employees. The high risk, high costs of this avoidable health trend are significant – mortality, chronic disease prevalence, health care access, financial implications, employer productivity, etc. – all will be negatively impacted (some gravely) […]

Carrot or Stick? – Penalty for not completing health risk assessment does not violate Americans with Disabilities Act A three judge panel of the federal court unanimously ruled in favor of Broward County who as part of their health benefits plan charged employees a penalty for failing to complete a health risk assessment. The lawsuit by a former employee was unsuccessful due to the court's ruling that the penalty was protected under "safe harbor" provisions of the ADA. Do you think your employees would respond better to a punishment or rewards? The Numbers Don't Lie – Employers turning to biometric data to manage costs The 2012 Wellness & Benefits Administration Benchmarking study revealed that 60% of employer respondents are now including […]

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