In the first of what will become an ongoing feature on this site – we've highlighted a handful of articles and studies in rapid-fire format to help keep you informed of trending health topics and further push the conversation around innovation in this space. It Does Pay Off – Massive study shows true return on wellness plan investment As highlighted by, the American Journal of Health Promotion analyzed more than 50 published studies on work site health promotion to further drive home that corporate wellness programs are a good investment. Moving in the Wrong Direction – 2011 State Obesity Map Now Available The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released its 2011 state-by-state obesity rankings. While Colorado and Hawaii […]

In shattering a long-held misconception that healthier foods are more expensive, the USDA recently pointed out that the American public just may be viewing the cost-to-value ratio of food upside-down. Highlighting that a simple price-per-calorie or price-per-serving measurement of food cost paints only part of the picture – and a deceptive part at that – the study encourages people to also factor in the nutritional value and serving size of foods to determine their "nutritional economy." By themselves, calories and serving sizes do little to power your body and mean even less when it comes to satisfying your hunger. Proteins, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, fats and other elements all supply crucial pieces of the energy formula. A doughnut (240 calories) will give you […]

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