And so, the high court has finally weighed in. Healthcare reform – the street name attached to the Patient Protection and Affordability Act of 2010, has been deemed constitutional. We'll let the politicians and pundits cram into the tilt-a-whirl ride of spin and opinion about yesterday's decision. We, instead, just want to mark the event by endorsing the need for related reform. Health reform, not healthcare reform. Whatever you feel our government's role should be in shaping the nation's healthcare and health insurance system, we can likely agree we could all benefit from health reform in general – our own and our nation's. It's not okay our nation leads the globe in obesity – 6 points above our closest competitor […]

Few of us wake up in the morning and decide to build the world's largest theme park or a global-leading entertainment business.  Those kinds of aspirations require healthy doses of imagination (vision) and engineering (science).  Walt Disney obviously understood this mixture when he referred to his employees (who helped him achieve these very ambitions) as "Imagineers." But the vision isn't limited to entertainment.  Disney's most recently announced efforts to take on the fastest growing enemy to the nation's health (obesity) effectively merges the same two winning ingredients – vision and science.  The end result could be this iconic company's greatest accomplishment to date. Disney's plans have already garnered "game changer" praise by childhood nutrition and activity advocate (and the nation's […]

Summer is officially in full swing. People are running around lakes, biking to work and remaining active in the sunny weather. It is also time for the annual gathering of forward-thinking organizations at the RedBrick Health Client Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC is always one of our favorite events of the year. This year we are excited to provide our clients the opportunity to spend a day with Stanford professor and behavior change guru BJ Fogg. As big fans of his work and his interactive workshops, we look forward to having our clients learn how human behaviors work and become more confident and efficient in creating solutions to improve the health behaviors of their workforce. We will also share with […]

As we're sure many of you have read, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning on enacting a city-wide ban on the sale of soda and other sugary drinks in cups over 16 ounces in size. So now when you go to see the latest summer blockbuster, you won't be able to order a large Dr. Pepper, which currently comes in at 44 ounces, almost three times the proposed limit. Is this the path to a less obese society? There has been plenty of press in support along with plenty of criticism. Detractors of the ban cite the emergence of Big Brother as one of the most prominent arguments. How far should the government go in telling us how to […]

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