[polldaddy poll=6145726] Recent studies on workplace wellness strategies have found that employers and employees benefit in multiple ways from corporate wellness programs. The article, Employers, Employees, and Even Society Benefit from Office Wellness Programs, highlights recent survey findings representing more than 13 million employees worldwide and the benefits that employers and employees (and in some cases, their families) are seeing, thanks to their wellness programs. Quantitative benefits that employers could enjoy include fewer employee sick days, reduced health care insurance costs and decreased employee turnover, to name a few. Employers also found less measurable, but equally important qualitative findings, such as improved morale and increases in other forms of employee productivity. On the flip side, employees participating in wellness programs recognized that besides […]

In a past post we examined the negative impacts living a sedentary lifestyle can have on your health. Now, there is new information that shows just how important exercising is to our bodies. Recently a study that analyzed the benefits of exercise on a variety of organ systems uncovered a newly identified hormone – irisin. Researchers found that when muscles are in a sustained activated state they release irisin, which converts white fat to brown fat throughout the body. This transformation is extremely important because white fat store extra energy as fatty tissue. Brown fat, on the other hand, “burns off” the extra energy by increasing the basal metabolic rate. Individuals that have a disproportionate rate of white to brown fat […]

A crew of us recently returned from the highly attended Conference Board's Health Care Employee Conference in San Diego. The event was a who's who in terms of innovation in wellness, health management, health & productivity and health engagement. High-performing Fortune 500 employers. Leading nationwide consultants. Top providers and vendors in the space. A plethora of topics were a buzz in the keynotes, breakout sessions, and halls of the conference, including ever-so pending health reform updates and implications, progressive incentive program designs, advanced reporting and analytics, and greater transparency of data. All topics worthy of discussion and debate, aimed at creating cost-effective solutions for employers. Within the sea of noteworthy conversations, RedBrick was proud to sponsor a highly trending topic we believe […]

A recent USA Today article on the use of wellness incentives to drive health engagement has popped-up on numerous industry social media sites this week. The article lays out the rationale, increased usage (54% of employers in 2011) and their effectiveness. On the flip side, critics argue around issue of fairness and discrimination. Whatever your stance, with well over 50% of healthcare costs attributed to behavior, it's clear we're in a system that will run financially amuck without greater engagement of individuals. It's also clear incentives and rewards will be a tool to help drive that engagement. As our head of Health Strategy, Kurt Cegielski, recently discussed at the Institute for Health and Productivity Management Conference in Orlando, the key […]

Guest blogger David Haas of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance… Researchers have known for over a decade that exercise offers a number of benefits to cancer patients. Studies have shown exercise helps to counteract the side effects of treatments while increasing their effectiveness. There are still many holes in the research to be filled, but there is an even greater need for cancer programs across the country to take the steps needed to include physical fitness experts into treatment teams. Due to patient demands and the influx of accredited trainers, this is starting to happen. Though many studies and reviews of the published literature have occurred in the years since, it is illustrative to note that back in 2000, researchers were […]

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