By now it's a broken record – unhealthy behaviors are resulting in out of control healthcare costs. One of the foremost experts on behavior change, Dr. BJ Fogg, Director of the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab, has set out to crack the code on changing behaviors and creating new habits.On Wednesday March 29, at the Conference Board's Health Care Employee Conference in San Diego, Dr. Fogg will be leading an interactive "mini boot camp" that explores how focusing on the convergence of three elements – motivations, abilities and triggers – can transform daily decisions into sustained, healthy behaviors. This event will provide new perspectives on human behavior and show how to become more confident in applying these important lessons to a […]

Move over "Occupy Wall Street." There's a new 99% in town. That's the percentage of U.S. adults NOT meeting the seven cardio-related traits that ensure the clearest path toward long-term health. A new study to be released by the Journal of American Medical Association identifies these seven traits…and the 1.2% of the population who are actually achieving them. It's more of a passive-aggressive protest, but a protest nonetheless. Maintaining our cardiovascular health is perhaps the most important single focus we have to preserve our overall health. And the American Heart Association has made it easy for us – they've identified the key steps to ensure our best shot at it: Exercise or keep active Eat a healthy diet Maintain healthy weight Don't smoke […]

A recent study by the American Heart Association helps quantify one of the major roadblocks we've seen when trying to improve or maintain healthy behaviors – time. Whether it's long work hours, obligations at home or just needing to catch-up on sleep, not having enough hours in the day is the number one driver for Americans not keeping up their healthy habits. The study reports four out of five struggle maintaining recommended guidelines for nutrition levels while three out of five say it's difficult to get the recommended levels of exercise. Of those that listed a reason for not maintaining those healthy habits, the most common culprit was a lack of time. Changing engrained behaviors and creating new habits can […]

March 7th, 2012

If you are reading this blog, you likely are as energized about health innovation topics as we are. But RedBrick Health (this blog's sponsor) is equally excited and proud of an award bestowed on us and one of our talented employees – so much so we are taking a slight detour from our usual content to share the news.RedBrick Health was recently honored with a visit from Denny Schulstad, a retired Brigadier General with the United States Air Force, who presented one of the dedicated managers of our Quality Assurance team, Janice Bethke and our organization with the Patriot Award for going “above and beyond” what is required by law to support our men and women in uniform. The award nomination […]

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