February 28th, 2012

The stereotypical Chief Financial Officer is skeptical, always in need of quantifiable proof, and let's face it, a bit reserved (as a CFO, I can say such things). With that, I was actually very pleased to see the results of a recent study by IBI and CFO Research Services noting more and more CFOs are realizing the health of a company's employees is playing a growing role in the health of a company's bottom line. The findings focused on employee health as a financial and cultural driver as well as the type of information CFOs need to justify an investment in wellness. With healthcare costs continuing to climb at double-digit rates and with well over 50% of health care costs attributed to individual, modifiable behaviors, […]

There's no question well designed, adeptly placed communications can prove instrumental, if not pivotal, in helping re-route unhealthy behavior. From road safety to smoking cessation to infant death prevention, significant mass media campaigns targeting these causes have played a role in changing outcomes. A newly released study published in The Lancet provides insight into the role media can play in positive behavior change. Key learnings include: Consider the Messenger. Tobacco companies sponsoring anti-smoking campaigns can provide mixed messaging to the consumer and lead to unintended results (much in the same way consumers receiving healthy behavior messages from their health insurance company may inspire suspicion more than motivation) Rinse. Repeat. Healthy behavior change is substantially improved when multiple, repeated interventions are used It's a Marathon, not […]

February 13th, 2012

Remember the "digital divide" – the socio-economic separation between the tech-enabled and those who – due to circumstances or preferences – remained "unplugged?" The plummeting price of cellular and web-enabled phones combined with the growth of SMS, mobile-ready websites and mobile apps is bridging that divide. Where the web created distance between the digital "haves" and "have-nots," mHealth levels the playing field. With over 5 billion mobile phones in use, and smart phone growth outpacing that of computers, we have a new medium to reach consumers where they are, and to touch them where they live. But broad accessibility isn't the only advantage. Mobile tech is a natural platform for engaging consumers and accelerating change in seemingly intransigent health behaviors. BJ Fogg, who heads […]

February 6th, 2012

What's more entertaining – the actual football game being chiseled into the Astro turf in twenty-second intervals or the thirty-second ad spots stitched between ref whistles? It's the annual Super Bowl question. Yesterday's game was no exception. Great game, but also engaging commercials. One, in particular, caught our eye.  [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-9EYFJ4Clo] The Cliff Notes version of this clever ad: chunky dog sees a racy new Volkswagen Beetle speed through the neighborhood. Dog jumps to chase it but, in Winnie the Pooh fashion, his girth prevents him from getting through the doggie door. Dog takes a good, hard look in the mirror and embarks on lifestyle transformation – swimming, climbing stairs, hitting the treadmill, restraining himself from the taunt of hot dog table scraps. […]

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