September 29th, 2011

Improving healthy behavior has never resulted from broad stroke actions or one and done maneuvers (even though the majority of available market solutions are often structured that way). Real and lasting behavior change follows incremental advances, adjustments and improvement over time – behavior patterns that are consistently reinforced and supported.  Behavior is constant.  So, too, is behavior change.  In an evolved culture of smart phone and mobile device connected consumers, it only makes sense behavior change solutions be just as agile. RedBrick Health recently developed a mobile version of our consumer-enabled healthy behavior change technology – allowing participants to track and manage their daily behavior and rewards on the go. With a few easy clicks across their smart phone screen, participants […]

September 20th, 2011

As senior consultant and health management practice leader, I was asked often about the virtues of consumer health risk assessments.  Do they provide value for the cost?  Do they offer advantages over other options?  Do they really help identify actionable health risks and targeted solutions? In a word – absolutely.  Health risk assessments, especially smartly designed ones, are easily one of the most successful (and affordable) tools employers can rely on to drive healthy behavior change within their organizations.  No workplace health awareness and improvement solution should go without one bolted to its core.  A thoughtfully written white paper by the Health Enhancement Research Organization outlines many of the reasons health assessments drive value for employers.  Among these: You can't […]

September 7th, 2011

How do employers measure the value of their health and wellness partners? Do they engage employees? Do they change behavior? Are employees getting healthier? Critical elements of success, all of these, but so too is the ultimate measure of resulting cost savings – making a welt in the 50 to 75% of unnecessary healthcare costs tied to unhealthy behavior. It's the bottom line, ultimately, every CFO wants to see when discussing the cost saving potency…ROI.  Unfortunately, the market is littered with biased, unscientific, and at times, flat-out inaccurate ROI studies that lack proper methodology or data analysis. A recent Human Resources Executive story captures the nuances of ROI Fact or Fiction. A common argument with ROI studies is they are typically […]

September 2011
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