April 20th, 2011

At one time, employer sponsored wellness programs were simply a nice to have. A little extra benefit tossed in with any health benefits. Want to quit smoking? Lose a couple pounds? Read this pamphlet. Done. There's your wellness plan. We've come a long way. Wellness, and getting employees engaged in their health, is now pegged as the solution to controlling the unhealthy behaviors that drive unsustainable health care costs. Wellness has gone high-touch and high-tech with the expectation for a meaningful return on investment. From an employer's perspective, it's gone from an infrequently used fringe benefit to companies winning corporate and social responsibility awards for offering health management programs, on-site fitness facilities and wellness coaching. There are obvious benefits to employee […]

Remember the Billy Crystal line – it's better to look good than to feel good?  The majority of Americans are currently ascribing to a variation of the same Fernando Lamas-inspired logic – it's better to believe you are healthy than to be healthy. How skewed is perception from reality?  In a word – skewed. According to a newly released CDC report, 90% of Americans rate their health as good to excellent – a self measurement indicator in direct conflict with record rates of obesity (28.2%) and diabetes (8.4%).  Columbia University Medical Center just released comprehensive research finding overweight and obese people routinely underestimate their actual weight and related health risks.  According to the research (focused on obese parents and their […]

Staying fit and healthy can seem a daunting mission.  Made even more remote behind a myriad of excuses – lack of time or access to the right resources or the finances or the immediate peer support€¦and on and on.  Often, though, the path to improved health is closer to an arm's length away than a marathon distance.  Take physical fitness.  Those intimidated by fitness club memberships and cardio workouts might be surprised to learn the most effective personal trainer may already be within their own home – sleeping on the sofa or chasing squirrels up the bird feeder.  Recent studies indicate dog walkers are more active than their dog-less counterparts.   Michigan State University just announced 60% of dog owners who […]

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