January 27th, 2011

What do consumers want?  When it comes to the daunting task of health and lifestyle improvement –  simplicity, clarity, personal relevance, and emotional appeal are key.  When I joined RedBrick Health a year ago, I was asked to head up one small task – help us transform our consumer portal into the most compelling consumer health experience available.  Simple, right?  It actually can be.  Designing a compelling experience is at least a whole lot easier if you begin by talking to the people it is meant to compel. It's no secret RedBrick Health believes in relentless innovation.  And the underlying mission is a challenging one – helping consumers take charge of their health (and finally getting at the majority of health […]

It's no secret we're believers in the powerful impact of incenting behavior change when it comes to health.  But we also keep a trained eye on comparable incentive models in other industries – one of which is taking shape in our own backyard, implemented by Metro Transit here in the Twin Cities.  Metro Transit recently launched their Ride to Rewards program allowing bus and light-rail customers to collect points for rider discounts and VISA gift cards. Customers earn points by simply swiping their Go-To Card when boarding the bus or train.  The similarities between incenting mass transit (which we're also big fans of) and healthy employee behaviors may be closer than you think: Transit Reward Program Health Behavior Change Program Riders […]

January 12th, 2011

Changing behavior through incentives – it's quickly catching on all across the globe. As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, employers have even more leverage (up to 30% of premium cost) to reward employees meeting specific wellness metrics or participate in corporate health initiatives.  The extra latitude to motivate healthier workforces couldn't come at a better time, and more employers than ever are getting on board.  Buck Consultants' global survey of workplace wellness finds formal wellness programs and supporting incentive structures at the majority of U.S. employers (82% offering or planning to offer incentive rewards.) U.S. employers aren't alone in this behavior change investment.  The same survey finds strong growth from all global regions.  Some examples […]

January 4th, 2011

With the majority (upwards of 78 to 88%) of American workers employed in sedentary occupations, it's no wonder many employers are increasingly concerned about the shape (and related health risks) of their workforces.  A recent Reuters article we came across focuses on several forward-thinking employers working hard to change the widening occupational hazard of workplace inactivity. It's impressive to see how some employers are making significant positive strides with "trickle down" approaches to health – employer leadership embracing a commitment to healthy activity and establishing the cultural infrastructure that inspires physical fitness.  From encouraging lunch time pick-up basketball games over noon-scheduled work meetings to company sponsored walkathons to (move over George Jetson) treadmill desks, employers are becoming more engaged in […]

January 2011
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