December 17th, 2010

Wrestling the continually hulking health care cost gorilla has led to some elusive survival tactics by agile employers – massive cost shifting and benefit plan tweaks so deep into the minutia, employees need a GPS unit, microscope, and personal accountant to wend their way through their plan design. An article published last month in The New York Times details the latest employer survival mode trend -cost shifting based on salary. More and more employers (17% of large employers and 20% in some hard hit regions) are asking their higher paid employees to fork over a higher percentage of their wages for health benefits than lower salaried employees. The rationale? Employers have already realized they can't afford to absorb the escalating costs […]

December 8th, 2010

This likely doesn't come as welcome news smack dab between holiday feastings, but the latest research  indicates it's not just the obese at higher risk to weight-related disease and/or premature death – even modestly overweight individuals are. Published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, research comprised of 1.5 million study subjects concludes that healthy adults even slightly overweight were 13% more likely to die during the time they were in the study (in comparison to similar individuals whose weight was in an ideal range.)  The risk, of course, rises much higher the additional pounds we carry.  Those in the obese category have increased risks 44-88% higher than healthy weight adults – significantly increased prevalence of heart disease, […]

December 2010
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