Every time my family's home or auto insurance comes up for renewal, I am reminded of how disjointed that other major form of insurance – health insurance – remains in comparison.  Probably like you, my wife and I review our home and auto renewal offer to make sure our premium reflects the discounts we should have earned – protective alarms in our home, safe driving records, claim free histories, etc.  These discounts are, of course, not just marketing ploys but a reflection of authentic actuarial equivalents of cost drivers.  Insurance companies base my insurance risk, and my relative premium cost, on my actual behavior. Not so with health care. Our system of employer-sponsored health care is a sharp contrast to […]

September 15th, 2010

It's hard to scan any wellness related publication and not see an article on the obesity epidemic in our country. Even in the short span of our blog, we've already posted three pieces related to our overweight population (Obesity – It Gets Worse, Is Obesity Contagious?, Reversing the Health Map). It's easy to find the problems, often harder to find solutions. Today, RedBrick Health is thrilled to announce we're the technology powering the amazing results of the The Biggest Loser Summer Challenge, a weight loss competition held by the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota between Minnesota's largest employers. The impact of this social contest is clear. Three months. Over 10,000 employees engaged. Over 18 tons lost. Over 16.5 million minutes exercised. Employees motivated to move more and eat […]

September 8th, 2010

The latest news on the nationwide obesity problem is discouraging, to say the least.   Maybe this shouldn't come as surprise for a nation where fast food restaurants' newest menu options include using fried chicken patties in place of bread to hold the double slices of bacon and cheese in place. Nor should it come as a surprise in an employer-sponsored health care system where employers and physically fit employees help subsidize the estimated $1,429 per person extra medical costs obese individuals are incurring.  But "double down" on this – you know that Healthy Population 2010 objective the U.S. Surgeon General established to encourage states to curb obesity prevalence among adults to 15%?  Not one state met the objective and overall […]

September 2010
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