High-Tech Meets High-Touch to Deliver the Ultimate Health and Benefits Engagement Experience


Your organization, transformed.

By treating your people as people, rather than as conditions, risk factors and health measures, you connect with them in a more authentic and meaningful way. How? Through an amazing well-being experience that's customized for you, personalized for your people and powered by RedBrick.

A complete well-being solution.
RedBrick integrates all your benefit and resource offerings in one place. Local events, featured traditions, health updates, financial tools, mindfulness training, the latest apps. Boom. Custom branded and good to go, 24/7.
Your people, engaged.
From telemedicine to treatment support, RedBrick solutions offer breadth and depth. With thousands of ways to engage, there's something for everyone. All through a guided, choice-based experience that we've got down to a science. Literally.
Your goals, achieved.
RedBrick consults with you to strategically align with your business goals. Then we provide ongoing expertise and support to help you achieve them. UX issues? Solved. Better vendor engagement? Done. Measurable results? Guaranteed.

Amazing results, delivered.

People are powerful. Apps are engaging. Bring them together in just the right way and they act as a force multiplier for better experiences and profound behavioral outcomes. That's what we do. And here's what happened when we did.


Average rating, RedBrick Guides

Source: Analysis of Google ratings of RedBrick Health Guides.


Active engagement, top performers

Source: RedBrick Health book of business active engagement results.


Consumers who achieved their resiliency goals

Source: RedBrick book of business self-reported improvements among RedBrick Journeys.


Annualized net savings, chronic conditions

Source: Analysis of average annual healthcare cost savings in years two and three.

Seeing is believing.